Airport in Bologna, c.1986

A group of students studying abroad collect their bags in an airport in Bologna.

Dennis P. Akin, 1982

Professor of Fine Arts Dennis P. Akin poses for a photograph in a painting studio in 1982.

Dennis P. Akin, 1984

Professor of Fine Arts Dennis Akin gives a student guidance during a painting class in the spring of 1984.

All-American Swimmers, c.1986

Several members of the Women's Swim team hold their All-American certificates.

George J. Allan, 1981

Dean and Professor of Philosophy George Allan leads students on a winter walk in 1981.

Alpha Lambda Delta induction ceremony, 1989

A group photograph at the Alpha Lambda Delta induction ceremony in Memorial Hall in May 1989.

Alpha Lamda Delta induction ceremony, 1989

View of the Alpha Lambda Delta induction ceremony in Memorial Hall on May 19, 1989.

Alumni at Homecoming, 1981

Alumni eat a meal at an event during Homecoming weekend in October 1981.

Alumni at Homecoming, 1982

Two women speak during an event at Homecoming in fall 1982.

Alumni at Homecoming, 1989

Three friends look at old Microcosms during Homecoming weekend in fall 1989.

Alumni enjoy some conversation

Alumni engage in some conversation during their Fifty-fifth Reunion.

L to R:  Tom Burns, Gladys LeFevre, Ken Boohar.

Alumni from the Class of 1930, 1980

Two members of the Class of 1930 fifty years later.

Alumni from the Class of 1931

Alumni take time for a photo during their Fifty-fifth Reunion in 1986.

L to R:  Frank Ake, Mrs. Anstine, Burg Anstine, Mrs. Ake.


Alumni Gymnasium at night, c.1980

View of the Alumni Gymnasium at night from across W. High Street around 1980.

Alumni Gymnasium lobby, 1980

View of the Alumni Gymnasium lobby on June 17, 1980.

Alumni Gymnasium pool, 1980

View of the pool inside the Alumni Gymnasium on June 17, 1980.

Alumni Weekend sign up, 1984

Herschel Shortlidge of the Class of 1934 signs up for Alumni Weekend activities in June 1984.

Hubert N. Alyea, Priestley Award, 1984

Dr. Hubert N. Alyea, the 1984 Priestley Award recipient, demonstrates chemistry in Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium.

Christine Amoroso, c.1980

Christine Amoroso, professor of Dramatic Arts and instructor of modern dance, circa 1980.

Christine Amoroso, c.1980

Professor of Dramatic Arts and modern dance instructor Christine Amoroso poses in a dance studio around 1979.

Amy Admunsen with Senator Paul Simon at Baccalaureate, 1984

Amy Admunsen ('84) stands with Illinois Senator Paul Simon (in bow tie) outside the Kline Center at Baccalaureate on May 19, 1984.

Chris Anderson, 1984

Spanish professor Chris Anderson lectures about a painting in February 1984.

Paul F. M. Angiolillo, c.1980

Professor of Modern Languages Paul Angiolillo at his desk.

Anthropology Class

Professor Henry Wade Seaford leads an anthropology class in a discussion around 1980.

Anti-Apartheid rally, 1986

Students hold a rally in front of Bosler Hall against Apartheid in South Africa during the 1980s, possibly on October 23, 1986. Banners displayed read "Divestment Now" and "Total Divestment Now."


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