Photographic Print, Color

Phoebe Jane Dixon, 1998

View as Phoebe Jane Dixon (Class of 1940) leads a group of alumni during a rainy Alumni weekend in summer 1998.

Dorm room in Witwer Hall, c.1965

View as four students study in a dorm room in Witwer Hall around 1965.

Dorm room in Witwer Hall, c.1965

View as three students chat it Witwer Hall around 1965.

Drayer Hall, 2000

View of Drayer Hall from Morgan field in spring 2000.

Thomas L. Drucker, c.1990

Mathematics professor Thomas Drucker, on right, sorts through paperwork with Laura Croghan, Class of 1992.

East College, c.1985

View of a class on the Academic quad outside East College around 1985.

East College, c.1985

View of East College around 1985.

East College, 2000

View of East College in 2000.

Easter egg hunt, 1984

Members of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority play a game with local children at an Easter egg hunt they hosted on the academic quad in spring 1984.

William Wilcox Edel, c.1990

William Wilcox Edel was a member of the Class of 1915 and College President from 1946 to 1959. In the photograph Edel is with his second wife, Joscelyne.

Jennifer M. Elick, 1999

Jennifer Elick of the Geology department in August 1999.

English 404 students, 1995

Students in Professor Wendy Moffat's English 404 class pose outside of A La Tarte along West High Street.  The students presented this picture to Professor Moffat on May 9, 1995.

From left to right: Tammy Rapetsky ('95), Beth Bolton ('95), Jamie Murray ('95), Beth Nevers ('95),...

Steve Esmond at Commencement, 1988

Steve Esmond ('88) shakes hand with President Fritschler on the steps of Old West at Commencement on May 18, 1988.

Faculty at Commencement, 1998

Several faculty members stand in front of Old West at Commencement on May 17, 1998.

Eileen Frances Fair, c.1990

Eileen Frances Fair is a member of the Class of 1952.

Jacqueline Fear-Segal, c.2005

Visiting American Studies professor Jackie Fear-Seagal, around 2005.

Field Hockey Co-Captains, c.1985

The team's co-captains, Sonya Church and Kristyn Lortz, pose for a photo together around 1985.

Field Hockey game, c.1990

Several Dickinson players pose for a picture at a game around 1990.

Field Hockey Team, c.1985

The Field Hockey team sits for a group photo.

Row 1: Stacey Wittmeyer, Kristyn Lortz, Lynn Kiesel

Row 2: Kristen Lorelli, Kathleen DeSchamp, Denise Stockwell, Megan Thomas, Carolyn Meno, Sally Flynn, Karen Paton, Sonya Church

Row 3: Coach Carol Cox...

Field Hockey Team, 1988

The Field Hockey team takes a team photo with Coach Eileen Sharp in 1988.

Field Hockey Team c.1990

The team shows some school spirit with their "Go Red Devil" Field Hockey banner.

Field Hockey Team, 1999

The team poses for a photo in 1999.

Fifty-fifth Reunion of the Class of 1931

Another snapshot at the Fifty-fifth Reunion of the Class of 1931.

L to R:  Flora Lynch-Burns, Thomas E. Burns, Eveyln Groves-Boohar, Kenneth Boohar.

Five members of the Class of 1910

Members of the Class of 1910 at their sixtieth reunion.

Flower family, c.1980

The Flower family around 1980.

Standing: James Flower ('42), Milton Flower ('31), Guiles Flower ('39)

Sitting: Elizabeth Flower ('35), and Lenore Flower


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